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Energy Enhancement Services and Products


Light Workers and World Servers.


Everything is Energy.

The Key to Your Well Being Lies in the

Energy Within and Around You.


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Hi! My name is Janet Krumpe.  I have had several sessions with Rosemary.  She is very thorough and she got right to my core issues.  Rosemary is a very gifted healer.  Her intuition is right on.  The tools and techniques she gave me were easy to integrate into my daily routine.  They helped me to independently work on my issues which I like.  I don't like to be dependent on anyone.  Whether you have physical or emotional pain, Rosemary can help. This morning I woke up feeling fresh, happy and filled with positive energy.
Small Business Owner and Mother 

Rosemary is so gifted at targeting the main issue, and numerous underlying issues, patterns and blockages each time we have had a session. I was really stuck last December when we used energy protocols to clear through the underlying programs that were blocking me from starting and finishing a huge business related project. I was able to do weeks of bookkeeping in 3 days with grace and ease. 

M. Rayne.  Marketer and Small Business Owner



I feel so much freer and happier now that all of that energetic “gunk” was removed from my space.  I had no idea why I was so tired and depressed.  It wasn’t really me.

M. Goode, Actress


You combine and exude vibes of someone who is integrating spirituality and is an earth plane being.  You are both highly intuitive and linear with plans and goals as well.  You are so willing to play and have a good time while remaining directed.  This speaks to a kind of maturity.

H. Cohn Published Author/Mother