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Scope of Work



  • Trauma resolution from birth (your own or giving birth), abuse, PTSD, accidents, loss, stress, anxiety, vicarious traumatization as a helping professional and deprogramming from religious indoctrination.
  • Soul Mission identification and actualization.
  • Internal and external resource development.
  • Emotional Intelligence enhancement-Skills that elicit a state of Joy that can be replicated and become a natural way of being.
  • Enhanced ability to maintain healthy energy and behavioral boundaries including giving up the once perceived benefits of patterns that no longer serve you and who you are becoming.
  • Allergy neutralization, (You can be allergic to anything.) shadow work and supernatural infection removal.
  • Family of origin, past life, contract entanglement  and accelerated karma completion.
  • Enhanced ability to attract and maintain loving, conscious relationships.
  • Archetype/False self personality integration.
  • The undoing of limiting unconscious death urge, parental disapproval, sibling rivalry competition, external authority, fear of God, and internal double bind conflicts that keep you in resistance and sap your energy
  • Health benefits because as perception shifts and stuck energy moves, symptoms often vanish.
  • Clearing blocks to your personal power. Learning to relax into and about anything is a skill that can be learned.
  • Advanced evolutionary consciousness progression work including more comfortable navigation of mystical experience.
  • Practical life 3-D goal attainment success (according to your definition) coaching.


All work is multi-dimensional in nature, loving and graceful in approach, potentiality actualizing, and process paced according to your deepest, highest good and Priority.

Individual, couples, family, and group sessions are available in person, via the phone or through distance dedication.

Resonance Therapy™ uses multiple energy psychology/energy medicine/energy sociology tools and techniques to most rapidly in resonance integrate what is the Priority for your deepest and highest good in the moment.  There is no attachment to the tool.  It’s about using the right tool at the right time to integrate the specific Priority true in the name of the Light  to clear whatever is holding you back from moving forward in peace, power and plenty.  Trusting your feminine nature to lead you backed by your assertive masculine accelerates the velocity, fun and safety.  With Resonance Therapy ™ you don’t have to sort through all of the garbage to let it go.  It often only takes clearing one of the table legs of a pattern for the whole table to collapse. Often in any one session, multiple tools are used.  Your specific wiring is unique to you. You therefore, get to the heart of the matter and clear your blocks fast thereby making room for  what is now for your more expanded Self.  Typically, sessions  can be done in person, on the phone, Skype and through distance work and are from one to two hours long.  Extended sessions and group venues can be arranged. The initial commitment is for three sessions and there is a 3 session package discount available. Dr. Sierra Levy’s website for more information on Resonance Therapy ™ is: 

While doing this work you will put together a tool kit of protocols and resources that can empower you for doing your own clearing
Training for Accurate Muscle Testing for Truth-This 5 hour base line life skill module clears your stuff about trusting and using kinesiology to accurately test for Truth and for accessing  multi-dimensional information that is useful to you for navigating experience and for minimizing trial and error as your dominant approach.  You clear both your limiting believes about muscle testing but also learn the “how to” of effectively doing self, surrogate, testing on another or with groups. This is done in person or via Skype and this 5 hour service package is divided into segments customized for your particular flow.
Infinity Breath™ Sessions are 2 hour sessions and are done in person only.  Infinity Breath™ sessions are particularly good for clearing and making peace with birth trauma, unconscious death urge and fear of pleasure.  They can be done individually or within a group format.
Micro-current 2.5 hour sessions remove PTSD trauma from all times-accidents. birth, loss, war, compassion fatigue from being a professional helper, and the news.  This session will gently, easily empower you to immediately, significantly reclaim your ability to be fully present here and now and come from a resource state of resilience ready, willing and able to move forward in your life.  This session is done in person on Maui, Hawaii and can be a component of a Maui, Hawaii well being customized vacation.  Call today to reclaim your life.
Weekly Coaching Sessions with a Professional Certified Coach committed to powerfully partnering with you and supporting you in defining success your way, having your needs met once and for all, and creating a strong personal foundation. identifying and living your purpose can save you time and effort because you honor your unique mission and process flow while minimizing trial and error.  Experience empowered shooting from the hip rather than from the dark.  Ask about the Laser Coaching. (Laser Coaching is not for everyone.)  Coaching services are on a monthly agreement basis with a 3 months initial commitment and are delivered for the most part via the phone with additional email support.  There is a complimentary 20 minute session to check out the value and to see if we are a match.
Well Being Vacations are custom designed vacations on Maui that include healing, transformation, energy enhancement and consciousness expansion work combined with play activities of your choosing.  Maui offers whale watch, swimming with dolphins, luau, watching the sunset at Haleakala and much more.  These vacation packages are priced according to the components.
Kama'aina rates available for Hawaii residents.  Discounts for pre-paid packages. Referral incentives are available. Clearing the stuff that is holding you back and having and using your value added  optimal tool kit t is less expensive than whatever other thing or another you spend money on hoping it will make you happier. Learning the skills for integrating into ecstasy is cost effective.
What have you to got to lose but your limiting beliefs, false identities, repetitious patterns, troublesome feelings, sabotaging behaviors and marginal results?
Services do not substitute for appropriate medical or psychological care and clients are responsible for their own results. This practitioner is operating as a Life Coach and Pastoral Counselor.