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Why We Might Work Well Together


The Benefits That You Can Expect To Receive


You are committed to your personal development minimally and soul evolution preferably as a major value and Priority and are willing to consciously heal the perceived separation of spirit and matter so that you live a spirit filled life while fully committing to and enjoying lovingly mastering (according to your definition) living in the material world fully present here and now.


You are a Light Worker or World Server. 


You may be particularly sensitive and empathic.  As a Sensitive Person (SP) or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), you may have had challenges in fully expressing yourself in the material world although you care deeply about nature, the planet, people and their well being. You may have experienced discomfort in the body.  You may be particularly creative or even artistic. You could be a professional helper, intuitive, medical professional, healer, therapist, coach, small business owner, social worker, minister, teacher, or parent. You may be a cultural creative who was a particularly spiritual, talented or gifted child.  You may be a self identified leader who is holding back for some reason perhaps because you get ungrounded, overwhelmed or over stimulated easily, may have experienced trauma or lack self-confidence. You may have already achieved a lot but now desire more than toxic success. Perhaps you have had inklings that there is more to living longer than simply genes, diet and exercise. You are already open to working multi-dimensionally, loving yourself enough to do extreme self-care, willing to learn and use new ways of serving the greater good, and long to play even more as you evolve. Enlightenment is more important to you than worldly achievement but you are OK with making the big bucks as well so that you can do the projects that you want to do.  Coming from and experiencing even more ease, grace, flow and comfort in the body is your preference. To you Heaven on Earth is a good idea whose time has come.  You are ready and willing to do your part in this co-creation, contributing your talents and gifts free from the popular compulsive adaptation of wiping yourself out in the process.


You are now ready to get off the personal growth treadmill and onto the consciousness evolution fast track with a partner-facilitator-coach who gets who you are, appreciates what you have to offer and has the experience, knowledge, skills, tools, and processes that Will accelerate the fulfillment of your intended heart's desires while holding your hand so that safety is assured, your unique process is honored and so that you enjoy the adventure.


You can expect to receive the following:


  • Kind, loving, gentle and fierce partnership for conscious evolution
  • Enhanced vitality, passion and purpose
  • Acceptance and integration of troublesome feelings so more ease, comfort and enjoyment in your body is assured
  • Ability to relax into and about whatever is showing up internally or externally in your experience
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs and compulsive patterns that no longer  serve you
  • The taming of your ego so that it becomes your little buddy
  • Significant decrease in the mind's addiction to "make wrong", supression, illusions, negativity, and glamour as significant, so that the mind becomes your faithful servant rather than your master
  • The ability to re-contexualize your experience and shift from being so content focused
  • Skills for combining joy and true power rather than force to navigate the world
  • Enhanced willingness to let go of resentments, Self-abandoning thoughts and behaviors, toxic ties, and subjugation of your true Knowing so that you can safely soften into your tender, kind heart
  • Identification of and commitment to living your highest values
  • Being more of your potentiality while achieving your Priority goals according to your unique rhythm and process
  • Effective strategies that you can use for living a spirit based life that works in real time
  • Increased ability to live in the here and now in energy efficient Flow
  • Appreciation of your sensitive nature and the ability to honor it within reciprocal relationships and for the good of All
  • Enhanced ability to flow more Light for your own well being and the collective good
  • An energy tool kit that you can use on your own to support your process