Rosemary Zazu
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Energy Enhancement Services 
For Evolutionary Progression
Light Workers and World Servers
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About Rosemary Zazu


Rosemary Zazu, M.A., PCC lives on Maui, Hawaii and has a professional background in consulting, training, staff and organizational development, coaching and counseling with children, youth, couples, families and groups. 
The services she provides are Wholistic in nature addressing the physical to the metaphysical. She uses a variety of traditional and edge modalities.  Rosemary is a Professional Certified Life Coach through The Centre for Coach Training, a long time meditator, a Course in Miracles and Dr. David Hawkins student, hula dancer, mother of a gifted, edgy, comedienne, Breath Facilitator and Resonance Therapy ™ practitioner trained by
Dr. Sierra Levy. 
She uses multiple energy medicine - energy psychology- energy sociology tools to assist her clients in both individual and group venues based on their own unique multi-dimensional system’s Priority in order to expand consciousness, live a life based on Presence, allowing, conscious choice and co-creating so that a macro shift naturally occurs from personal growth to personal evolution as the pathway. Becoming shifts to Being.
Many of her clients are artists, highly sensitive persons, professional or compulsive helpers, light workers, healers, parents, marketers, world servers and life extension aspirants who have had challenges in doing their mission with grace and ease. Through practicing extreme self-care, putting their inner divine feminine in charge powerfully backed, supported and protected by their interior male, using the energy enhancement tool kit that they receive during the work to clear their stuff as it arises so that there is more conductivity, and while living Love from the inside out, they willingly commit to being fully present co-creators of Heaven on Earth now.  From this choice, they receive infinite blessings including deep abiding peace, comfort in the body, practical life mastery on their own terms and full expression of their soul mission.